let’s talk about sleep

As winter approaches and the days shorten, many of us start dreaming of spending a little more time in bed! Read on to discover our round up of some of this seasons stand out products and lush accessories to smarten up your boudoir.

mood lighting

Ideal for a cosy reading nook the Dwell Cone floor lamp has mid century inspired lines with pops of brass, the perfect addition to any bedroom. 


If your bed and mattress are starting to depress you (see what I did there ;-)), there’s no time like the present to update and start the season in comfort. A good mattress and lovely bed head will most likely change your life!  MUSE modern interiors are Stockists of this stunning Gus Carmichael bed from GlobeWest and Roxbylane.


We all know that seats in bedrooms can easily slip into a catch all for worn clothes! Shudder..This  gorgeous Churchill Tufted chair however is way to fine to cover up.  Embrace a statement colour in the bedroom that will invigorate you and make you happy to jump out of bed to start the new day.

side tables

For a touch of true luxury why not invest in a unique side table, yes one, no need to match! Pictured Bell side table is the ultimate choice, however if your budget doesn’t stretch to such length, there is a myriad of amazing tables available from GlobeWest.  Please contact us to place and order or discuss your ideas


No need to rush out and buy lots, a few select choices to tie in your colour scheme will add impact and a touch of luxury.  For a layered effect include texture, pattern and colour.


No bed is complete without quality bedding.  Don’t skimp on sheet quality, this is one of those times where you really get what you pay for.  Good quality linen will add comfort and breathability to your bed and will get softer with every wash.


Enjoy your favourite scent by including a luxury candle or diffuser.

Finally for a truly restful nights sleep and a sweet welcome to the new day place some freshly cut flowers near your bed and welcome the new day with joy and appreciation.

Disclaimer: In some instances Muse receives a commission from sales from affiliate links. Ten percent of all profits from affiliate commissions are donated to the Orangutan Project which is committed to saving the wild Orangutan population in Borneo. Please read here how our contribution is helping to save forests habitats and adopted Orangutans.