about muse

Operating since 2014 MUSE modern interiors is based in Perth, Western Australia. We offer our interior design services to the residential sector and work primarily in Perth’s Central, Western and Northern suburbs.

Our philosophy is based on the premise that good design should be timeless and not driven by the latest trends. Our focus is on creating spaces which work with your lifestyle to ensure your home is one you love living in.

At Muse we focus on helping you unlock the available real-estate within your home and the benefits of investing in well-defined, multi-use zones to ensure your home works well for everyone in it. Because we understand that rebuilding or selling your home is not always the right solution, we help you to reconfigure or reinvent your home to make the most of what you already have.

Reuse, recycle and reinvent are words our Clients hear often as are ‘choose well buy less’. Our goal is to help you navigate through this exciting but sometimes stressful process with ease and confidence.

MUSE modern interiors work with an established network of reputable and trusted suppliers, and trade professionals to ensure our Clients receive the best results.

about kate

Prior to setting up MUSE modern interiors, Kate spent two decades in the corporate sector working in design, project management, strategy and client relationship management roles. It wasn’t until the design phase of her second home extension, that she discovered her true vocation, when she realised her innate ability to enter a space and intuitively visualise how to transform it to; improve flow, optimise the use of the space and offer more practical living solutions paired with beautiful design elements that embody the Client’s personality and style.

Kate holds formal qualifications and has extensive experience in graphic design and photography, and is currently undertaking further studies in interior design. With this experience, passion and flair, MUSE modern interiors has evolved to provide Clients with interior and outdoor design solutions.

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